What will be in my box?
We are growing over 60 varieties of nutritious, delicious veganic vegetables this year! Weekly projections can be found in the checkout page.

How much is a box?
Boxes are $30 each. We are offering a $5 discount for anyone who is able to offer their residence as a drop off point

Is there a commitment?
We think everyone should have access to food, especially food grown in ways consistent with the ethics of the customer. So the last thing we want is to price out people who cannot afford to pay for more than one week of produce at a time. We are offering our boxes with no week-by-week commitment. You secure your box for the week and after it is delivered, we will confirm you want a box next week and charge you then. 

Where can I buy my CSA share???

Right here!

​Contact us for more CSA information!

What is a "CSA?"

CSA is an acronym for Community Supported Agriculture. Every week Lazy Millennial Farms will provide a box of mixed vegetables grown exclusively veganically and pesticide free. You can rest assured no animal manure, blood meal, bone meal, fish emulsion or feather meal will have been used in the production of your produce box.

When you buy a box you are directly connecting with and supporting the people growing your food. We will send email updates and offer farm tours to anyone who wants to learn more about how their food is grown. We want to start and maintain a dialogue with our customers: What is working? What isn't? What is going on at the farm? We think the more transparent we are with how we produce the food you eat, the greater good is served. 

Where are the drop off points?

We are planning on having drop off points in Monterey, Salinas, Berkeley, Oakland, San Francisco, Redwood City, Belmont and Santa Cruz. More information can be found here