Organically grown delicata winter squash

In 2014 eighteen researchers from Europe and the United States reviewed 343 studies comparing antioxidant levels in organic versus conventional produce. They concluded organic produce contains higher levels of antioxidants, while conventional crops contain greater concentrations of the toxic metal cadmium.
Source: British Journal of Nutrition, June 2014.

A 2003 study done by the University of Washington showed children consuming primarily organic products would reduce their exposure to pesticides. Concentrations of dimethyl metabolites, a pesticide metabolite, were found six times higher for children eating conventional diets. An earlier 2001 study also found that children who ate exclusively organic products had no measurable pesticide metabolites in their system (Original study: Environmental Health Perspectives, March 2001).
Source: Environmental Health Perspectives, March 2003.

A 2002 Truman State University study found that organically grown oranges delivered 30% more vitamin C than conventionally grown ones.
Source: Science Daily Magazine, June 2002.

Health benefits of eating organic