Organic farms can feed the world

The Rodale Institute has performed the longest running, side-by-side comparison of organic and conventional agriculture called their Farm Systems Trial. Since 1981, the institute has concluded, among other things, organic yields match conventional, organic outperforms conventional farms during droughts, and organic farming uses 45% less energy than conventional.
Source:, 2011.

A 2006 report from the University of Michigan concluded that organic agriculture could provide much of the world’s current and future food needs. They also concluding that organic practices could produce two to three times the yield as chemically-based methods.
Source: Renewable Agriculture and Food Systems, June 2006.

Organic corn, soybean and tomato production was found to be comparable in yields in conventional agricultural systems in a three year study by the Iowa State University. It was also concluded that the economic returns on organic corn were significantly higher than the conventional counterpart.
Source: American Journal of Alternative Agriculture, December 2003.

Organically grown mini-gherkins cucumber