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LaZy Millennial farms

We are a bio-intensive veganic farm applying minimal till practices while adhering to organic standards.

proudly cultivating out of salinas CALIFORNIA, also known as the salad bowl of the world.


our mission

Lazy millennial farms aims to provide a VARIETY of nutrient dense VEGETABLES grown in an ethical and SUSTAINABLE manner.

no animal byproducts. no synthetic chemical inputs. 100% Plant based.



Our small farm is located on the outskirts of Salinas, a city known for producing most of the worlds lettuce hence the title "salad bowl of the world." We took on farming with a dream to make an impact on our current food system by producing nutrient dense vegetables. All of which are free from animal byproducts, reducing our environmental impact significantly.



We are currently offering single week CSA shares. No commitment. No subscription. Fresh produce available whenever you need it. Click on the button below to learn more about how you can directly support veganic agriculture and have fresh local produce delivered to your town today.